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Wertz, Julia – Mystery Theater Episode 1: The Human Brain


Mystery Theater Episode 1: The Human Brain

Hey, this isn’t a fart party!  It’s OK, I believe Julia is allowed to branch out a bit if she wants.  This is an intensive study of brains, Julia’s in particular.  It starts with a hilarious two page summary of brains throughout history and why humanity had such a long chunk of time when no scientific study was possible (hint: it involves the bible).  My favorite quote out of many good ones: “Around the late 1890’s, fancy tools like the microscope were developed, making brain studies much more sophisticated than just cutting that shit open and poking around the mess.”  Then we get to the regular comic, which opens with Dr. Watson (who is apparently a tiny, tiny man) and Sherlock Holmes hoping to study Julia’s brain.  Sadly, the brain has left the building (and I absolutely love the fact that Julia’s cartoon head, when popped open, makes a “boing” noise), so the two detectives have to figure out Julia’s life from her apartment and belongings.  They conclude that Julia’s brain has helped and hurt her plenty over the years, but I’m done describing the contents here as any more will just cheat you out of this pile of comic goodness.  I like the new direction, even though it’s not a whole lot different from the fart party stuff.  I also may be one of the few who hopes she takes one of her fake future subjects listed at the back of the book and makes it into a comic.  “Why On Earth Did You Ever Think That’d Be A Good Idea?” has all kinds of potential.  No price listed, but I’m guessing $2.50 just for the hell of it.