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Fitzpatrick, Neil – Neil Jam Invasion


Neil Jam Invasion

I hate to say it, as I was very prepared to gush about this book, but… well, it’s boring. The main story, anyway, I found to be dull. It was OK, and maybe I’m being too simple here, but where’s the violence? It’s funny when Willis says things like “Time for some man medicine” before kicking his friend (which actually happens later in this book, just not in the main story). It’s funny when random characters are thrown in and hijinx ensue. Maybe it’s the fact that a story that probably could have fit in a mini got expanded to 68 pages, I don’t know. Listen, if you wonder about my opinions about Neil, check out any of the other reviews on this page. I think he’s a “rising star”, as they say, and I think he has big things ahead of him. He’s doing a daily strip on his website that’s pretty great, from what I’ve seen, and the rest of this book is good too. The main story is about Willis running into another female (!) and her friend Swifty, a talking bee. The whole thing is about him trying a little to interact with the new female, then learning that she’s going to kidnap his friend. In the back there are tributes from Justin Madson and Tony Brandl. It’s always neat to see someone’s work adapted by somebody else, and these are worth looking at. Get some of the minis or check out the daily strip, but the bulk of this book is kind of dull.