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Cole, Allison – Never Ending Summer


Never Ending Summer

I know I commented on Allison’s characters in the last review, but I should really show everybody something before I start rambling:

Those are all the characters in this story. They all wear the same outfit, they’re only differentiated by tiny things, and they all wear body suits that hide any trace of sexuality. Still, by the end of this, I had no trouble at all telling almost everybody in here apart. In my mind, and this might be saying too much for Allison’s first graphic novel, but that’s the mark of a master storyteller. This book is about a summer for Allison and her friends, and all the problems with boyfriends/girlfriends, jobs and the rest of the world. If it sounds like the kind of thing that you’ve already seen a hundred times, I’m just telling it wrong. It’s a complicated story that’s told in a simple way. How she has characters with no faces have incredibly expressive facial expressions is beyond me, but she pulls it off. Check it out, it’s good stuff. $11.95