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Justin, Larned – New Untold Tales


New Untold Tales

Here’s a collection of various gags from Larned Justin, so if I ever wanted to get a good look at this sense of humor, here it is. I think I’ve figured it out too. His humor is very similar to the Mad Magazine stuff, or at least their style from the 80’s, when I would (very) occasionally look at it. So if that’s your thing, you would probably absolutely love his stuff. Puns all over the place, slightly changed names for the sake of parody, ongoing gags, it’s all there. My problem is that I never liked Mad Magazine, no matter how much people told me that it was classic comedy. Maybe I was looking at the wrong time period, I don’t know. Anyway, check out the sample for a pun overload, that should let you know if it’s your thing or not. Stories in here include Stickman, an outer space accountant, ongoing gags about Noah trying to find two of every animal for The Ark, a very literal interpretation of pirate radio, his version of “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, and a 19th century detective. Like I’ve made painfully clear by now, it’s not really my favorite kind of humor, but Mad Magazine has been around a lot longer than I have, so I get the feeling there’s an audience out there for this. Contact info is up there, this one is $2.