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Cole, Allison – O, Canada!


O, Canada!

Here’s a quick, cute little book from Allison Cole. The people in it look vaguely like Teletubbies, although I’m sure that’s unintentional. There’s a story about trying to get her comic sold at a comic store, one about Allison and her friend trying to cross the street and getting yelled at, and one about all the little things in Canada that weren’t bad. This was a travel journal, in other words. She has a spare, expansive style in a lot of panels that I like. This name sounded familiar to me when I saw it, but apparently I don’t have any more of her work. Is there more stuff in anthologies or something? I tell you, doing this every day (or when I can, which has been the case lately) really makes artists run together in my brain. Anyway, this is probably $2 and it’s an incredibly quick read, but still worth a look. Send her an e-mail or send cash to: 2 College St. #502 Providence, RI 02903.