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Davis, Eleanor – Oh Charlie


Oh Charlie

It’s so easy for a comic about love and loss to turn into a hokey mess without much of a point, except for the author to bitch about what they’ve lost. Just wanted to point that out before I made it clear that this comic is nothing like that, and three cheers to Eleanor for that. This is the story of her relationship with a boy named Charlie, his death, and her life before and after. If you think I’m giving too much away, well, it’s revealed pretty early on, so you’re wrong. There will be no discussion on the topic! Time flashes all over the place here, with her going back and forth between while they were dating and after he was dead and she was dealing with it, seamlessly. These are all a page or two long, so there’s never a completely in-depth profile of these two. You’d think that would lessen the impact of their lives, but she manages to pull the whole thing off beautifully. Great dialogue, as her sparse backgrounds (for most of the book, anyway) really put the focus on what is said. Contact info is up there, I’d say this is $2, but I’d be guessing…