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Jeffrey, Nick – Old People


Old People

OK, let me lay it out for you: Nick Jeffrey is one of the funniest motherfuckers doing comics. Yeah, occasionally a joke falls flat, but when it’s funny, it’s better than most. This one, as the title suggests, is all about old people. As a future old person (assuming the world and my heart last that long), humor about this sort of thing always has to be tackled with that knowledge, and it looks like he has it. The page with the current young stars in 50 years is hilarious, the two strips with Wee Uncle Pettica had me laughing out loud, and the story with the old, fat businessman looking for work was great too, at least until he crapped out on the ending. Loved the bit with the old lady quoting the bible too, proving once again how absolutely insane it is to take everything in that mess literally. Hell, I even liked the (very few) 4 panel strips he had in here. It wasn’t all perfect, and he insisted that I criticize what I didn’t like, so here you go: FIX THE LETTERING!!! Seriously, even I did comics years ago, you just write it in pencil, ink over it, and ERASE the pencil. Simple. That’s a minor thing though, but it’s a constant over the issues of his that I’ve seen. Actually, it’s usually only bad here and there, to be fair to the guy, but… ahem. Also, I didn’t like the story about the old rapper. It’s just like old people dancing in commercials or beating young whippersnappers at races or picking up chicks. It’s been done. I’ve seen it done at least, but I traffic in odd circles. Contact info is up there, why don’t you buy a few of his books to see how funny he is?