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Dalrymple, Farel – Pop Gun War #5


Pop Gun War #5

This issue just goes to show that there’s no way to randomly pick the perfect issue in a store by somebody that you know nothing about. I think all 5 issues of this were available at a remarkable little comic store I went to in Yellow Springs OH (Dark Star Books) but I went with the latest issue to see how good he is right now, knowing full well that I might be lost in the story. Well, I’m going to take this as a stand-alone issue, even though it seems fairly obvious that there was some buildup to a lot of this. It’s a story about a puppeteer who wants to keep all the children of a dangerous city safe by forcing them to watch his show. Then there’s a boy with wings, a giant, a floating fish and a robot. Yes, it’s confusing, but it all holds together even without a back story. Visit his website, there are plenty of samples there of all 5 issues and links to order them. I think he’s also been in some Meathaus anthologies, I could swear that I’ve seen his artwork before…