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Benka, Jen – Manya: Prose, Poetry and Mosquitoes

Link to buy comics (website down as of 7/21/07)

Manya: Prose, Poetry and Mosquitoes

I’m constantly amazed at the sheer number of comics that are really well done that I’ve just never heard of. Remind me to never assume that I know everything about comics just because I seek out the small stuff. Anyway, what you have in this comic is a gifted poet/author and a wonderfully expressive artist. How can you go wrong from there? There are more than a few great comics out there from female creators and it’s always great to add another couple of names to that list. My only fear with this was that this book came out in 1996. A little searching turned up a website. Turns out that they’ve been doing stuff ever since and they have quite a few books available. The site is a little sparse still, but it looks like they moved the site recently, so give them time for samples. The comic is all over the place, but in a good way. She deals with work, camping, growing up, oppression, stereotypes, and pretty much everything else that you can think of. This one is apparently sold out (unless you go to The Laughing Ogre in Columbus, OH like me), but I’d have to imagine that she has plenty to say in her other books too. Check some of their stuff out. I’m curious to see where they went from here…