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Corman, Leela – Queen’s Day


Queen’s Day

Here’s an older work from Leela. I’m mentioning that fact now because I didn’t like it nearly as much as Subway Series but, as that’s the later work, she’s doing great work now. This one has three stories. The first is a dream involving the Baba Yaga, but she’s nothing like the stories. She’s just a kind old woman. The second is the most powerful of the bunch, a story about the suicide of a young man and his sister trying to get over it. At least I think it’s a suicide, sometimes it seems like he died on the mountain. The last one is a story about a young woman in Holland trying to find herself after things didn’t work out as she’d planned. The suicide story was great. The sister climbing that mountain was cathartic as could be, and grandma offered her some great advice about the absurdity of death. The other stories I didn’t think much of one way or the other, honestly. Still, $4.95 is a pretty cheap price for one great story and two OK ones. Maybe you should wait a few years until she’s rich and famous before getting this, unless you’re already a big fan.