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Griffin, Erin – Ramona & Imogene


Ramona & Imogene

And people say that can’t share any decent comics with their kids. This is the story of two mice who get tired of their life in the sewer and decide to visit a cousin in the city. Upon visiting said cousin, they discover a seriously swank pad and find themselves loving their new lives. Yep, just like that. No cynicism, no wicked twists, just a good natured and utterly adorable story. The art’s a little on the simple side but come on, it’s the story of two mice. Erin does do a nice job of things when the surroundings get complicated, but other than that less is more anyway. Well worth checking out, unless you’re one of those people who can’t stand to look at cute things for more than a few seconds. Actually, that’d be OK too, as this is a mini comic, after all. $3