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Havert, Nik & Renatus – Big Breasted Vampire Death


Now Available! $7

Big Breasted Vampire Death

Go ahead, just try to not judge a book by its cover after seeing that. I dare you. As a reviewer, it’s a little tricky to tackle something like this, as reasoned analysis has very little place next to enormous breasts, so I’ll try to simplify this for potential buyers of this book. Is there nudity? Yes, plenty of it, and some sex too. Hm. Come to think of it, that’s probably the only question for a whole lot of people. OK, for whoever is still reading, how about this one: is there a good story? Surprisingly, yes. Well, at least mostly. It isn’t going to win any awards, that’s for sure, but I found myself surprised by a few swerves here and there and loved the ending. Overall, there’s not a whole lot going on. The comic is about four female vampires with very large breasts who are traveling to see a country music band. I know, it ruined some vampire stereotypes for me too. Three brothers are also driving to see the show, and they happen upon a massacre from the ladies along the way. It was a little odd how their constant murdering was met with a general “meh” from the guys once they met, but maybe the giant breasts had something to do with that lenient reaction. Anyway, one of the vampires left a memento from an old lover at the scene, one of the guys picks it up, and a budding romance is born. The rest of the book involves them all getting to the concert, plenty of fights along the way, and the possible death of one of the characters. I say “possible” not to be vague and avoid spoilers but simply because I don’t know. Things didn’t look good for this character, but then there was a distant shot of them all together before the comic ended, so who knows. Overall? Overall I can’t believe anybody is still reading this review, as your mind was probably made up one way or the other pretty early on. It’s occasionally fun and smart, but it’s also occasionally trite and silly, and not necessarily in a good way. It’s a decent book, if you were judging it as a regular book, but nothing that will set the world on fire, even if it is in its second printing already. $7

Havert, Nik – Dare (with Renatus)


Dare (with Renatus) Now Available! $7.95

I’ve never been sure whether to take porn in comics seriously as a storytelling device. Nik says in the introduction that this was a lot wackier before he started writing it, then stripped it down into more of a spy story with some sex. The problem is that if I’m supposed to take all of this seriously, where do the silly scenes end up? This follows the story of Sylvia Dare, a woman who has risen through the ranks of spydom and eventually ends up in a practically invisible section, dealing with missing classified information and things of that nature. If I have to take everything here seriously though, it must be hard to be a super spy when you’re also a nyphomaniac. Generally speaking, I can’t imagine many spies get distracted with having sex with random people when they’re searching for information. Or, according to the James Bond movies, maybe they do and I shouldn’t take it all so seriously. It boils down to that, more than anything. If you can laugh along with some of the sillier scenes, there’s plenty to like here, and yes, I do mean more than a lot of naked people. Some of the fight scenes are done really well, and I thought her origin story was handled nicely. If you must take everything here seriously though, you’ll probably have a hard time with it. Unless, of course, all you’re looking for is some serious nakedness, in which case you’ll probably come away happy. $7.95