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Aulisio, Pat – Revolution With a Catchy Phrase #7


Revolution With A Catchy Phrase #7

Pat seems to be getting tired of telling anything remotely resembling a traditional story. Of course, traditional storytelling is overrated anyway, so it doesn’t make that big of a difference. Even in his one “main” story here, involving people watching advanced aliens of all kinds have sex (until they eventually start having sex with them too, and then bad things are bound to happen), he breaks up the four page tale with a couple of asides. Then most of the rest of the book is simply images of various horrific creatures as well as a few one page stories about puking and a persuasive giraffe. Another OK issue but I prefer it with a bit more story. Purely personal preference, as it’s hard to look at that cover and not love this issue more than just a little bit…

Aulisio, Pat – Revolution With a Catchy Phrase #6


Revolution With A Catchy Phrase #6

Who likes things growing out of places where they shouldn’t? Or a prostitute service where you get to eat the hooker when you’re done? Or Bananoid? This is collection of random short stories mixed in with a lot of sketchbook pages (or something that looks suspiciously like sketchbook pages), which is the kind of thing that usually annoys me as obvious filler, but in this case it lends to the overall creepy feeling you get when reading these stories, so it all works out in the end. Probably only half of this is “story”, but you won’t feel cheated on those sketches, I can tell you that. Sickened, perhaps, but if you’re looking for fluffy bunnies these comics aren’t probably the first place you would look. Although there are bunny slippers in this, and Pat manages to make even that look slightly deranged. Regardless, this is another good one, if you don’t mind a little bit of nastiness.

Aulisio, Pat – Revolution With a Catchy Phrase #5


Revolution With a Catchy Phrase #5 Now Available! $1.50

Remember how my only real complaint with the first two issues of this series was the essays and things done by people other than Pat? Well, I’m not sure when it happened (missed a couple of issues in there), but it’s all Pat now, meaning that it’s all comics, also meaning that it’s all completely bizarre. Oh, and the art looks better too. Still not fantastic, but getting to be pretty good. Do I have to try to decipher this for a review? Oh man… OK, I’ll try. There are these three…um, beings. One is a knight trying to find a quest, one is an old man who happens to torture and kill things, one is a satyr who also kills things, and one is what appears to be mostly a regular guy, at least so far. They all meet in a bar, have some adventures… aw, forget it. You have to read this to get anything at all out of it. What I just briefly described was the bulk of the comic. Other than that you have a relentless quest for eggs, a searing hot french fry, serious bloodshed, Boca, a man with a gun in his back, recycled grandma and a faulty human mask. Any serious quibbles I had with this comic are gone now, and you could do a whole lot worse than to check this out. Unless you’re looking for a coherent story with a happily ever after or the wonders of page after page of angst, then there are other places you could probably go. Contact info is up there, this one is also in the online store, if you’d rather buy it there…

Aulisio, Pat – Revolution With a Catchy Phrase #2


Revolution with a Catchy Phrase #2

OK, this one isn’t as good. The comics are hilarious, don’t get me wrong. They’re growing on me in a big way. This one is about an old man, a clown, a ninja, Scott Baio, some monsters, and LeVar Burton. I’m not even going to try and describe it, but I’d like four pounds of whatever he’s on, unless it’s just plain old human kindness, in which case none for me, thanks. There are also a couple of short comics by Simon Kugel, one of which is funny, and one of which mostly isn’t. Still, enough to spend a dollar on, as long as you don’t bother with the essays. There’s one by a newcomer, Justin Klugh, which might have been good (it was about video games), but the copy was screwed up and it cuts off the first few letters of every line. I tried, but it was just too annoying to deal with. Alan Ferich talks about his life and Simon Kugel talks about shoes. Neither one of those is as dull as I’m making them out to be, but they’re sure not as exciting as you might think. Still, the comics make this completely worthwhile, and I liked the other essays from these guys, so they could definitely put something good together for #3. $1!

Aulisio, Pat – Revolution With A Catchy Phrase #1


Revolution with a Catchy Phrase #1

I’m almost positive that I already have something from this guy up on the site, but I can’t find it. How sad is that? Anyway, this zine is ridiculous, and I mean that in the best possible way. The only comic story is about zombies who come to life while some people decide that they want to try and steal Tom Selleck’s soul. Jesus comes down to help and mayhem and hilarity ensue. It looks like crap, mostly, but there’s a sense of fun here that hard to completely ignore. Worth a look if you like old horror movies and Jesus. Then there are a couple of essays by Simon Kugel (and I know he’s around here somewhere) that tell about why a revolution isn’t going to happen and stuff about Capitalism. Throw in one final essay by Alan Ferich about why Adam Sandler and David Spade are stupid and you have a zine! It’s OK, overall. Not going to set the world on fire or anything, but fun. Oh, and there’s an interview with the band This Radiant Boy, another indie band I’ve never heard or. You damned kids! Here’s a website, this is $1.