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Connor, Leighton – Robots (with Alice Connor)


Robots (written by Alice Connor)

You pretty much can’t go wrong with a comic about robots (monkeys and zombies also fit this description), and this comic is no exception.The first part of this is about the sibling rivalry between robots, with all sorts of robotic mayhem and torture thrown in. The second part is a look at the current robots in the world (except fictional) with nostalgic commentary about the good old days of robots. I should also mention that according to the inside cover of this thing only 25 of these were made, so you might want to hurry if you’re curious. A pretty solid effort overall, the robot mayhem and the “historical” piece make for a nice contrast. That being said, now that he’s had his fun with the robots, get back to work on Esoterica! Damned artists getting me hooked on a series only to go long periods of time between issues… $1