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Froh, Kelly – Sadist Science Teacher


Sadist Science Teacher

If you’ve ever thought while reading a comic “This is nice and all, but I wonder why this artist didn’t pick a career as a bio-chemical engineer instead”, Kelly gives an excellent rundown of why she was scared off of science early on.  This little mini depicts a true lunatic of a teacher from her seventh grade, a man who started picking on her on the first day of class or, as she puts it, “before I’d actually done anything wrong”.  Slapping his ruler on her desk to scare her, putting her in a dark tiny room next to the classroom for punishment, having no concept of personal space, writing “do science!” on her hand and then making her scrub it off in front of the class, this guy didn’t seem to do much of anything that would qualify as teaching.  Unless his goal was to teach a young Kelly about the nature of assholes in the world and to avoid such folks whenever possible, in which case he did an excellent job.  Everybody who went to school can relate to somebody like this guy, or (I hope) at least a lesser version of him.  For every truly inspirational teacher I had there were probably a dozen who were just holding down a paycheck or seemed to actually loathe the students, and this comic is an excellent story about one of the latter.  The only way it could have been better is if the guy had gotten some sort of comeuppance at the end, but the real world, sadly, rarely works that way.  And yes, for the curious, this still means that I’ve liked all of Kelly’s comics that I’ve seen.  What can I say?  She has the comic skills.  $.50