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Roberts, Tom & Siergey, Jim – Scary Stories From The Bible


Scary Stories From The Bible

As somebody who was raised more than a little bit on the religious side (and who has renounced the whole silly mess, at least until an inevitable deathbed conversion to whatever my panicked. dying brain thinks will “save” me), it’s always interesting to see tidbits from the bible that I haven’t read. How they manage to pack so much information onto essentially 6 pages of story just impresses the hell out of me, I have to admit. First there’s various examples of responses from historical figures to the bible, then wonderful Jesus quotes to answer some of the religious nuts’ platitudes, followed by biblical typos over the years, then a quick introduction to Ralph Reed (and anybody who follows politics knows who this asshole is), and a couple of other pages that I won’t ruin, except to say that it’ll make you think twice about masturbation. Great stuff in a cheap $1 package, who could ask for more? I was also thrilled to see that they have a ton of stuff on the Poopsheet page, even if I can’t seem to find a proper website for either of them…