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Wojnarowicz, David – Seven Miles a Second

Seven Miles a Second

For those of you who think that Vertigo is worthless, I offer this book up for your consideration. This is the autobiographical story of David Wojnarowicz, and he certainly had a tough life. He grew up on the streets as a child prostitute and doesn’t shy away from any of the details here. The book also shows him as a young adult, doing anything he can to stay alive, and as an adult, dying from AIDS. If the name looks familiar, it’s probably because he was a pretty accomplished artist and writer before he died. Yeah, sorry, this is the only comic thing you’re ever going to see from the guy. This book is incredible. His pain at the injustice and corruption of the world is obviously heartfelt and it’s not easy to read about the things he had to go through in his life. This is a pretty cheap buy at $8 (or $4 if you click on the title) and it’s an amazing, amazing book. Here are some sites I found where you can learn a little more about the guy: this one, or this one. If you’ve ever lost anybody to AIDS, or if you just want to see how little the world has really changed in the last ten years, try this one out.