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Spurgeon, Tom – Shelton #3

Website (not even sure if he even has this comic available, but it’s one of the best comic resource sites out there)

Shelton #3

Yes, that is the Tom Spurgeon who works on The Comics Journal. You have to know from that that this is a well-written, interesting book. Lucky for him, it’s also funny. Uh, lucky for him mostly because it’s the mood I’m in, and it helps me say nice things about a book if it fits my mood. That’s right, all these reviews are just random extensions of my mood. Isn’t that depressing? Anyway, this is about Shelton and his chicken trying to retrieve a “treasure” out of the attic. Hijinx ensue, and I do mean hijinx. Lots of physical humor, slapstick kind of stuff, and it’s all done well. This is a steal at a buck. There are three of these out there, at least as of this writing, and you can get all three for $2. Haven’t read #1, but #2 was pretty good too and I’d say just go ahead and send him the $2, you cheap bastard. Send money to Tom at: 7563 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98115.