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Reynolds, Grant – Singularity (with Al Burian)


Singularity (with Al Burian)

Ah, here’s another one of those wonderful shorties where, if I talk too much about what’s going on, the whole surprise ending gets blown. This is apparently an ongoing story in The Skeleton News, a newspaper I’ve never heard of out of Chicago, so it’s probably not a surprise ending to a few people. Still, best to stick to the known information. This one starts off with a spaceman of some kind putting a flag on… Mars, maybe? It’s not the moon because we get a shot of the moon in the sky next to the Earth. Anyway, said astronaut settles down to a newscast from Earth, which is oddly cut short by a blast of static… or is it only static? I’m all for mayhem in space, which appears to be what’s coming here, so three cheers to the both of them. Some form of this story published in a format that people outside of Chicago could see would be nice too one of these days, but who knows how many future parts have been published…$2