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Rege, Ron – Skibber Bee Bye


Skibber Bee Bye

Sometimes there are books that are so unique that they almost deserve to be talked about in a different way than normal comics. Then you realize that “normal” is almost impossible to define with the sheer variety of comics out there, and it looks like I’m just rambling again. What I’m trying to say here is that Ron, with this book, has a new kind of comic out. I couldn’t tell you the linear details of this story (boy meets girl, girl decides she likes dancing more, boy is actually an elephant), although it’s mostly about a girl and an elephant going through life surrounded by little creatures that seem to exist to help them. And I think they made the elephant. See, that’s why it’s worthless to try and talk about things like they should make some kind of linear sense. There’s a sense of longing and dissatisfaction that permeates this book and the color section (why not the whole book? Too expensive?) is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen. If you see a Ron Rege story here or there in an anthology, that’s fine, I’m sure you saw it and at least kind of liked the story. This collection takes that to a new level, I think. OK, enough ranting. I loved the book, it’s around $20 as most graphic novels are, and I think it’s fair to compare it to Jimmy Corrigan as a book that changes the standard that everybody else should shoot for.