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Pereira, Paul – Slug #2 (with Austin English)


Slug #2 (with Austin English)

More new stuff from Paul and Austin. Speaking of Austin, where’s the new stuff from just him? Am I just not seeing it, or has there been a slowdown of some kind? Don’t make me hold your feet to the fire! Ahem. Anyway, good stuff all around in this, at least more or less. There’s another great overheard conversation, and a depressing story about working and wondering what the point of it all is. The bulk of the book, however, is a collaboration between Paul and Austin, and it’s kind of a mess, frankly, but they started without any clear idea of a story. They just switched drawing panel after panel and actually ended up with something pretty interesting, which is no small feat, although it does start off pretty slowly and awkwardly. Overall another pretty good effort, and it’s only $1 to boot. Contact info up there!

Pereira, Paul – Slug #1 (with Austin English)


Slug #1 (with Austin English)

This is an assortment of stories from Paul and Austin. Most (if not all, I’m not positive) of Austin’s stories are from old issue of his lovely comic, The Tenth Frame, and I already reviewed that on his page, so why get into it again? Instead I’ll focus on Paul. He’s been a fan of minis for about 8 years and this is his first effort. With that in mind… keep it up! Don’t let anything I or anybody else says dissuade you from making comics. Does this warning mean that I hated it? No, but he could still use some work. His comic about how he reads comics was OK, if a little obvious (although that might just be because that’s how I read comics). The strip with the phone conversation was funny, the one about the zen state was just odd, and the one with the overheard conversation was hilarious. Gee, was I saying that he needed work? I must have seen something in here to make me feel that way, hold on a minute… Well, the one that’s called “Lazy Cartoon #1” was pretty stupid, but it looks like I like his stuff overall. Send him an e-mail, it’s $2.