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Kirby, Rob – Snack Pak #1



Snack Pak #1

Huzzah for diary strips! Yes, I am aware of the fact that I go back and forth on this subject on a fairly regular basis, so let me clarify: huzzah for thoughtful, professionally drawn (as in “not drawn in a rush while drunk to keep up with some arbitrary schedule”) diary strips! Rob was already more or less working with the format, then he got challenged online to do more of them, so he started posting them every few days here, every few weeks there. Or did he do daily strips and only post the “good” ones in this comic? Checking over his website… nope, looks like he put them all in here. Glad that’s settled! Stories in here include the time that he fainted on a plane (as somebody who once fainted maybe 12 years ago and STILL has no idea what the hell that was all about, I sympathize) and the reactions of the people around him, being creeped out by a certain building while going for walks, a compact retelling of his experiences at CAKE last year, the annoyance of coming home to a computer after spending all day at work on one, sights seen on a bike ride, a quiet walk after picking up lunch, the art of gradually waking up from a nap, the mystery of the ceiling tag, the abandoned rolodex, the stairs to nowhere, how roller coasters are getting so much more “extreme,” a diversion into a graveyard, having a birthday at SPX, wishing he could live like that forever, the wonder of coffee in a paper cup, a benefit for an amendment about marriage equality, a vacation to Cancun, tales of vomiting past, the shitty winter months, and a bevy of movie quotes. And if you think those descriptions ruined your enjoyment of the comics, you’re in luck! I mostly described a single panel from his six panel strips, and they usually covered a wide range of subjects, so there’s still plenty in here for you to discover. Oh, and the pages are glossy the art is gorgeous. Sure, there’s maybe an occasional reaching for a decent story that comes with the territory when dealing with diary strips, but I’d say he found it much more often than not. $5