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Reed, Desmond – Some Stories #1


Some Stories #1

Is it just me or are some people not even trying with their comic titles? In the past Desmond has come up with some clever, sparse titles that usually got even funnier after you’ve read the story. This one? Pfft. That being said, I did enjoy the content a whole lot, which is the point of these funny books. “Some Stories” in this case refers to two stories. Why not just call it that? OK, I’ll shut up on that subject now. The first one is called “4 O’Clock” and deals with the untimely death of a guinea pig just as it’s about to get a nice, juicy carrot. He chats with god (well, the god of the guinea pigs) and finally learns of a deal he can make with the devil to be brought back to life and finish up any lingering tasks. He wants that carrot so he makes the deal, but this is the devil we’re talking about here and yes, that title does come back in a pretty damned funny way. The second story is either a masterpiece of an homage to Memento or a direct rip-off of Memento, depending on your perspective. Like Memento we start at the end, but in this case it’s a heartwarming scene of two fish falling in love. The idea is that fish have such tiny brains that they’re constantly forgetting what’s happening to them, so as we go back in time we watch the awkward courting process, keep seeing signs referring to a “Todd,” a singing crab, and if I say another word I’ll start to spoil too much. Once again the ending is a thing of beauty, but in this case it also makes the entire comic that much better. If you were afraid to try his previous comics because they were too tiny, this one is perfect for you. Two whole stories, one lazy title, $3.50!