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Parkhill, Tod – Something Happened on the Way to the Market


Something Happened on the Way to the Market

Here’s another one of the 15 minute shorties, this one about a monkey on his way to the market, as you may have guessed from that title. Well, except for the monkey, as he’s not mentioned until you open it up. From there things get odd, as the monkey is trying to remember what it needs from the store, but then it gets kidnapped. Or it doesn’t, as why would a monkey be going to the store in the first place? Unless, of course, he was going to the store all along! Tod tackles all the deep questions about existence and being in this confusing universe of ours in a short 8 page comic. Or possibly he just wanted a comic with a monkey in it and it went off the rails a bit due to the 15 minute deadline. You make the call!