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Perez, Marcos – Sovereign State #1



Sovereign State #1

No doubt about it, this is how you do the first issue of a series. My only complaint was his handwriting, as it veered right up against being unreadable at times, but I interpret handwriting for a living working at the Board of Elections (be honest, how many of you have been extremely careful to make your voter registration forms legible?). This one starts off in an obviously post-apocalyptic world, where a man in the woods notices something crashing down from the sky. He sets off to either find out what it was or loot it (it’s not entirely clear even by the end of the book), and along the way we get a series of flashbacks that start to show how this man and this world have gotten to this position. He was one of those paranoid survivalist types who was pleasantly surprised when the world looked like it wasn’t going as badly as he had feared. He had a family and was trying to settle into his normal life. A female president had gone about solving world hunger, and there was even a plausible plan in place to turn back the effects of global warming. That’s where things took a turn for the worse, although the exact details of that are still to come, along with what exactly was in that thing that crashed down from the sky. I love the anime action lines that pop up here and there, and I’ve always been fine with the idea of having the plot doled out bits at a time. The only, constant problem with series like this is follow-through, and Carlos has been fine on that in the past, so I’ll choose to be optimistic on this one. It’s an intriguing start to the series. And hey, it could still turn out to be terrible, sure, but go back and read “Carl is the Awesome” again and tell me that you think that’ll happen. $1.50