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Turek, Jim – Spectre Presents the 5:00 Shadow


Link to some of his comics (scroll down)

Spectre Presents The 5:00 Shadow

What the hell did I just read? My roommate went to a zine convention this weekend and picked up a few of the comics there and this was one of them. I honestly have no idea what to tell you about this, because I don’t have a clue what happened. It follows a bunch of random people doing a bunch of random things: a boy burning ants, a man with his pants down outside watching somebody, a crazy woman shooting her lover, a prostitute with sparklers, a hornet leaving in a paper bag tied to a balloon… If this all sounds interesting, maybe I didn’t describe it right. These are all odd things, sure. But we don’t know who any of the people are, and even when he goes back to some of the people he used earlier in the comic, the art is so poor that you can’t tell for sure if it’s the same people or not. It’s “To Be Continued” at the end, so maybe this is all going to make sense in a few issues. As for right now, well, it’s only $1, but I can’t recommend it.

Jim Turek 113 SE 10th St. Gainesville, FL 32601