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Coon, Jim – Steve’s Sweet Life


Steve’s Sweet Life

Steve, as you may have guessed from the title, has a pretty sweet life. Until he gets his leg knocked off in a car accident, that is. Then suddenly there’s a dog running away with his leg and an incredibly awkward chase involving a lot of hopping and a pirate, who is nice enough to give Steve a hitchy back ride, so then you have running with a peg leg, which could also probably be considered hopping. This is too short for me to go on or the whole thing will be ruined, but I will say that this is a fun little comic. The art is little more than stick figures if you’re snooty about that sort of thing for some reason, and it has a completely unpredictable ending, or maybe it just surprised me. Hey, who am I to say what would surprise the average comic reader? And are there enough comic readers left to even make an average comic reader? And with that this ramble shall end, I’d say this one is $2 at a guess…