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Branstetter, David – Strawman #4


Strawman #4

OK, here’s a little “inside Optical Sloth” useless trivia. When I go to conventions and see anything that remotely catches my eye (or when people stop me while I’m wandering around to chat, or when the person at a table is friendly, or basically anything other than a jerk) I’ll look at what they have to offer and, if there are a ton of books, I’ll mention what I do, give them a business card and ask them what their favorite issue is. That way, I figure, I’ll be getting the best of their work, as it’s not like I have the cash to buy out the stock of everybody at a con. So anyway, long story longer, David picked this issue out, and I got the issue reviewed below because it was a measly buck. Naturally, in the universe in my head centered completely around me, this issue should stand alone, it should tell me everything I need to know about this Strawman character, and it should be fantastic. Well, one out of three isn’t bad. I still don’t have much of an idea who or what Strawman is, and, as such, the issue wasn’t really fantastic. OK fine, it doesn’t completely stand alone either, but it comes close enough. David explains in his intro the basis for aspects of this story, and also mentions that his art improves in later and earlier issues, as he started this one early on, got stuck, and then put out #2 and 3 of the series. This issue involves Strawman trying to help a man after his store is robbed, chasing a thieving midget, riding a bus with a lot of odd characters, and getting clobbered by said midget, causing Strawman to hallucinate. So yeah, it’s pretty disjointed, the art could be better, and I still don’t know much of anything about the big picture with this guy, but I came away intrigued and interested in seeing more, so I guess it all worked out in the end. $2.95