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Northfield, Gary – Stupidmonster #4


Stupidmonster #4

Ah, the random comics that I get. This one is from London and it’s great. Cute, smart and downright depressing at the end. The other comics I got from this guy were funny and looked like they were done in about ten minutes flat, this one is color and looks great. Don’t get me wrong, the ones that looked kind of rushed were still funny and full of charm. It doesn’t have to look like you spent all day on a page for it to be good, you know. Anyway, this one is about a monster who goes to sleep and enjoys his dreams, like the title suggests. Whimsical, that’s what you’d call these books. This one is $4.50 and is done before you know it, which is about the only negative thing that I can say about it. The other ones are: #1, 2 $2.25; #3 $1.50 and a cute little box of comics with three totally different things in it is $2.25. Get the box as a sampler or go ahead and get #1, as it’s probably my favorite of the bunch. E-mail the guy or send him money at: 6 Foxberry Court Foxberry Road Brockley London SE4 2SQ England. By the way, the black and white sample doesn’t look as bad as my scanner makes it appear… Hey, he has a website now too!