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Roberts, Scott – Patty Cake: Sugar and Spice… Mostly Spice


Patty Cake: Sugar and Spice… Mostly Spice

If I’m reading this right, this is the book that collects #1-3, which are the ones that I read. If I’m not, well, let me make this easy on you. These books manage to pull off being cute without being obnoxiously cute, and that’s an incredibly difficult thing to do. They’re mostly about the adventures of Patty Cake and all her friends (and enemies) and, while it’s probably not the thing to be reading if you’re in the mood for some serious, life-changing stuff, it’s funny and frantic enough to put a smile on your face if you’re sitting around bored some afternoon. Kind of reminded me of back when Ren and Stimpy was funny, with the tiniest hint of a conscience thrown in. Not much of one, and the ad about the baby doll that has the breakable bones and splints is wrong in a few ways but hilarious, but he’s still clearly writing with the idea that kids will probably pick this up at some point. I thought kids only read X-Men? Anyway, the art is almost spastic in its insanity and the writing really is “all ages”. Well worth a look, and check out his website to see more samples.