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Paszkiewicz, Douglas – Arsenic Lullaby: Sympathy for the Devil


Arsenic Lullaby: Apathy for the Devil

There are a number of things that you can do to improve a comic when you put it out in TPB form. Fix spelling errors, draw that head that you forgot the first time around, jazz things up a little bit. If you don’t do any of these things with such glaring errors, why bother to put out a book? Granted, Douglas says that things in the book might be misspelled because it is done phonetically to “add an extra dimension”. That’s ridiculous enough, but it’s OK when you at least stay in that logic. Instead all kinds of things are just missing a letter or two when that alters the meaning, and that’s just obnoxious. OK, rant about a lack of editor over. What about the book? Well, it takes a certain type to read this. I go between thinking that it’s too tacky and thinking that certain things are just hilarious. Any time the main character (if there is a main character) is a man cursed to help people get revenge who employs little zombie fetuses, well, you’re already off to a pretty odd start. I like the transitions between stories in the issues, as they just flow back and forth between stories, returning eventually. It gives it a nice sense of all being in the same place, which I’m assuming he was going for here. All in all, once you get past the stupid, stupid problems that could have been fixed with a chimp correcting this stuff, not a bad book. He probably has a step or two he has to take before he makes it to “consistently funny”, but I think he’s on his way. Take a look at these. You should be able to decide pretty quickly if this is your cup of tea or not… Past that, head on over to his website, there are even more samples there.