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Froh, Kelly – Norman: Tales From Amazon #1


Norman: Tales From Amazon #1

Kelly spent 6 months working as a contract worker for, and this is the first of what she calls “hopefully many” comics about her time there.  She thought it would be cool to work for Amazon but found out differently, and here’s hoping we hear more about the customer service end in one of these minis.  I know my experience with them has been fairly miserable, at least when they get an order wrong (which, in all fairness, has been only rarely).   Anyway, this comic is the story of Norman, a guy she worked with who was a stoner and a recovering drunk who played a lot of video games.  They didn’t seem to have much interaction, but Norman was set off one day by the security guard talking on his cell phone (which was against the rules, but the poor guy was supposed to just “look alert” for his eight hour shift with no distractions).  A brief argument ensued, a firing and a transfer occurred, and the rest of the comic deals with Kelly being forced to testify about the incident and a near-miss years later when she almost ran into the guy (working, ironically enough, as a security guard) at an art museum.  This is a tiny thing but, as it’s told in her style of almost being a letter home (i.e. she’s never afraid to unleash potentially embarrassing details and also does an admirable job of preemptively answering any questions you might have after reading), these tiny minis of hers feel more like a meal than the average $.50 mini.  Usually minis that cheap are strictly for cons or are tiny wordless tales, the few tiny ones from her have been a bargain along with being a great read at any price.  In case you’re currently broke and want some bang for very little buck, this is an excellent place to start.  $.50