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Allen, Lonnie – The Cheerleader & Other Stories


The Cheerleader & Other Stories Now Available! $1

Three cheers for printing errors! OK, maybe not. I’m not sure what to say about this one because the main story (surprisingly enough, about a cheerleader) is a garbled mess. I was intrigued at the start, after I had read the parts that were in order, and then pages started repeating and suddenly it was over. I’m hoping that he has reprinted this thing, or plans to, otherwise I couldn’t recommend this to anyone. Which really sucks, because I liked his other two comics quite a bit, and I liked most of the rest of the stories in here too. One tells of a childhood story of why he has a red mark on his nose today, one is a short wordless tale about a bike, and the last is an adapted poem by W. B. Yeats. Like I said, if this has been reprinted. it looked like a good main story and it’s only a buck. If it hasn’t been reprinted, unless you’re a fan of banging your head against walls, I’d skip it. Contact info is up there for his other fantastic, coherent books….