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Sala, Richard – Peculia



Everybody out there already knows who Richard Sala is, right? He’s been around for years, doing some of the creepiest and weirdest stories out there. This is a collection of his Evil Eye series and it’s as fantastic as anything I’ve seen from him. This is ostensibly the story of a nameless girl and her adventures as someone and his assistant try to capture her. Forget all that though, because this is really a chance for Sala to do what he does best. I guess this would be called goth because so many of the themes are dark, but it’s impossible to pigeon hole this into any one category. It’s creepy, funny, disturbing, tense, and a million other things that don’t all go together, yet here they are. Richard is one of the best in comics, and this is a good chance for anybody who hasn’t already read his stuff to discover him. Read it, love it, thank me for it later. Hooray for website!