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Goldfarb, Andrew – The Eye Hand of the Carolinas


The Eye Hand of the Carolinas

Hey look, an Andrew Goldfarb book that doesn’t deal with any of the 1000 sorrows! This is a short mini about a pair of conjoined twins (or two people sharing one circulatory system, not two different sets of people) who can’t stand each other. While fighting to the death they see that creepy thing from the front cover, who looks directly into their souls. Because naturally, you’d think that something that looks like that would be the thing that would bring two brothers together. As always with Andrew, the art in this book is gorgeous, with all sorts of little things scurrying around in the shadows. If you’re afraid of those hefty $3 and $4 price tags above but still want to check out his stuff, this $.50 cheapie is the perfect way to go.