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Abadzis, Nick – The Freaky Beastie of Hill Road School


The Freaky Beastie of Hill Road School Now Available! $8.50

This comic has the amazing ability to make me want to have kids just so I can read this to them. I’ve read the other two books in the series now, and it’s pretty clear that this is an adventure series meant mostly for kids, but there is so much here for everybody to look at. You can just marvel at the art, and it’s rare when I can’t find at least one lazy panel in the whole thing. Backgrounds a’plenty, the kid’s rooms are intricate and have all kinds of stuff that your average kid would have in them, and the glimpses we get of Plabbu are fascinating. This volume is about the evil Pleebus (called Subeelp, and let me know if you need help figuring the name out) and his attempts to finish the mission of the Grooble King from the last volume. This one was almost too grounded in reality, as much of it was spent at school, but that’s the extent of my negative commenting on the story. Unless I’m just way too far removed from being a kid, I think that any kid in the world would love these books. They’re cheap, they’re pretty big for the size and they’re gorgeous. Contact info is around here somewhere, or you could contact me for copies, if you’re so inclined…