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Reed, Desmond – The Island



The Island

Here’s a little bit 0f “inside reviewing small press comics” trivia, in case you were curious.  If you were not curious, my apologies.  Reviewers have an unspoken ability to use images from comics for review purposes, provided that they don’t cross the line of using too many images or (at least in my case) posting images that give anything away.  I’ve been doing this for 9+ years and no one has ever asked me to take images down from their review, although I would be happy to do so (and legally obligated) if asked.  I bring this up because Desmond has a request that lines right up with my thinking when it comes to using samples: “You have my permission to use the cover art or the inside art for your review as long as what you use doesn’t ruin either of the endings of the stories”. ( I should also mention that he sent along another comic that will be reviewed in the coming weeks.)  Couldn’t have said it better myself.  So why go off on such a long tangent of something that is probably self-evident?  Mostly because the true genius of this book isn’t disclosed until you know how it ends, and there is no way that I can tell you that.  This is the story of two beings who are trapped on an island.  How they got there isn’t discussed, but it isn’t relevant.  We do learn at the beginning that they have been there for five months, that the food is gone and that things are getting tense.  And then things happen!  The end.  It’s a shortie, and I wasn’t fully convinced until the ending that I probably should have seen coming but, really, didn’t.  The artwork is simple, as that’s all that’s needed here, but effective.  There is also a distinct lack of backgrounds, but hey, they’re on an island in the middle of nowhere.  Not too many backgrounds in that type of setting.  Right now Desmond (and raise your hand if “Desmond” and “The Island” being that close together brought “Lost” memories into your brain) is selling this along with his other mini (Aloha) as a bundle for $2, but you could maybe convince him just to send you this one for $1 if you asked nicely.