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Knight, Keith – Dances With Sheep


Dances With Sheep

There I was, at Quimby’s In Chicago, and I could have gotten both of the other Keith Knight books, but did I? How could I be so stupid? Granted, I had just spent something near $100 on comics, but still… I think this is his first collection and, while I think he got funnier after 9/11 when he started skewering news topics instead of just daily life, this is still some funny shit. That’s all you really have to say about a comedy book, right? Whether or not it’s funny? My only minor problem was that I don’t think the strips were run in order, or maybe Keith has a really confusing life. Doesn’t matter that much, it’s just that I feel compelled to be negative all the time about something. Topics in here are about all sorts of things, including roommates, Jerry Garcia, sheep, supermodels, cars, comic conventions, airplanes and old friends. And about a zillion other things too, but what do you want? The book’s 136 pages long, there’s bound to be all kinds of things talked about and you should really be reading that instead of thing anyway. Contact info is up there, spend money!

Knight, Keith – Fear of a Black Marker


Fear of A Black Marker

I’m afraid this review is going to be useless, because I can sum it up in one line: this is funny too. Sure, I’ll keep rambling for a while, but that’s what it boils down to. The art’s amazing all the way through (he had been doing minis for years, so it’s not like he didn’t get the practice in). It just looked in places like the format kind of limited him. Or I’m paranoid, take your pick. There’s also the fact that I don’t think he really hit his stride until after 9/11 and his strips got a little more serious. OK, just so this seems like a review that might be of some use to the reading public, here are the subjects of some of his strips: cops, Star Wars, viagra, roommates, San Francisco, Prague, and his first mid-life crisis. This is another pretty big collection of comics for cheap, so I don’t think there’s any good reason for you not to get it. Unless you don’t like laughing, of course…