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Carroll, Michael – The Kernal #8


The Kernal #8

I’ll say one thing for Michael: he’s prolific. He had a ton of books available, all the ones I did end up getting were way past #1 (this one is #8, although I can’t imagine how he filled up 7 other minis with this), and he’s been cranking them out since at least 1990. This does not necessarily mean, however, that I liked much of what he had to offer. I’m bunching up the reviews I would have written for most of his minis under this one title simply because there isn’t much to differentiate them. This is one of those mini comics guys who read way too many superhero books growing up, never really stopped thinking that way, and then found out about Matt Feazell. “Hey” (the thinking seems to go), “I can’t draw, but I sure do have a lot of puns about superheroes and doing heroic things in me. Why not make a bunch of comics?” Sometimes I’d like to punch Matt. All that being said, these aren’t terrible books. There’s just nothing to distinguish them from the mountain of minis in the world. One of the books, Robostick, had the entire story lifted almost directly from Robocop, with a few bad puns thrown in. This one is the “true” story of a bad experience with Kinko’s. This is the kind of stuff you pick up (I’m guessing here) if you’re a parent and want something inoffensive that an eight year old might laugh at. One thing though, all these books are less than a dollar. You could probably get a wide selection if you sent him $5 or so, if you’re curious. E-mail him for a list of what he has available or send him money at: 4753-H Olentangy River Rd. Columbus, OH 43214-1963.