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Purins, Ansis – Zombre #2: The Magic Forest


Zombre #2: The Magic Forest

I have one problem with Ansis, and one problem only: he doesn’t make enough comics.  Yep, if you’re looking for the final verdict on this one, you can probably figure it out from there.  Getting a new Zombre comic is like a ray of sunshine being belched into my face by a unicorn. And even if the man does take some time to put out individual issues (making him right in line with every single other small press guy on the planet not named “Brian John Mitchell”), he really delivers when the issue does come out.  This is a behemoth with a large cast of characters and it’s absolutely gorgeous.  My scanner couldn’t handle the sheer orange of that bird and had to tone it down a bit.  This time around we’re introduced to a hippy park ranger and the forest in general before finally getting around to Zombre.  He eats a butterfly, gets his eyes seared by the sun and terrorizes some campers before using his mildly defective problem solving skills to throw a tire through the ranger’s car window.  A daughter and her overprotective father enter the picture, Zombre eventually meets them, and I used one of the very few menacing pages for a sample.  Hey, he’s not a bad guy!  I will say no more, as each bit of this should be read and savored, but I will say that I noticed the “to be continued” after that fantastically ridiculous ending.  It’s huge, it’s only $4, and it’s Zombre.  There’s still time to get in on the ground floor (more or less) of this soon-to-be global phenomenon.  Hey, “The Walking Dead” did huge numbers, just think of how a zombie with a heart of gold would go over with the public…