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Coltman, Jack – The Patriot’s Daughter


The Patriot’s Daughter

Finally! We’ve reached the first utterly unreviewable comic. Well, I’m sure an art critic could take a stab at it, but this is way above my pay grade. What you have here are eight packed images in various states, until finally we’re left with a burning pile of regular wood. The initial images are all densely packed with images, although the cross is the only unifying factor (well, outside of Spider-Man showing up on the first few pages). As detritus from a fading culture, you could find all kinds of things in here to catch your eye. Then you could also write this review if you wanted, as I really have nothing to say about it. It’s a nice progression of destruction, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of these 100% symbolic comics. Looking at his website, this is clearly what his art is all about, and more power to him. I’d just rather have a story. What can I say, I’m a simple guy who likes strange mini comics from all over the world, and these pages strike me as something that should be hung on a wall and not in comic form. There’s no price anyway and the whole comic is up at his website, so it’s apparently a moot point. Anyway, good luck to the guy and I’d love to see a regular comic. You know, word bubbles and stuff like that.