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Robertson, David – The Tay Bridge Disaster


The Tay Bridge Disaster

Is this David’s first comic that’s only about a single subject (not including comics about dreams)? Probably not but I’ve forgotten the other ones because my memory is crap. If only there was some way to check, like a global database of everything that’s ever happened. This one is based off a historical tragedy, so you can Google some images if you’d like after reading it. I know I did! David does a nice job of laying out the history, getting the reader familiar with the architect, listing the theories behind the collapse (he says that nobody knows for sure, although Wikipedia thinks that mystery is settled), showing the construction, etc. There were several warning as the bridge was being constructed, which led to quite a few people who were able to use the “I told you so” defense. The architect behind the bridge didn’t live long at all after its collapse; it seemed to destroy whatever will to live the man had left. The bridge became the only consistent means of travel across the river, as the ferry service was shut down after a few successful train crossings. Things seemed to run fine for about six months, but when it gave out, it gave out in brutal fashion. I do like the idea that the pillars have never been removed and still remain next to the current bridge. It’s a nice memorial to the people who died as well as being a monument to checking your work, I guess? David also includes some poems and tributes to the incident that came out shortly after it happened, including some poems from the man who was thought to be the worst poet in the world at the time. It’s a fascinating story all around, even if it’s lacking in some definitive answers. Not that that’s David’s fault, it’s just that historians can’t seem to agree. No price listed, but probably around $10ish (check with David through his website)