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Branstetter, David – The Untold Tale of the Fighting Flag!


The Untold Tale of the Fighting Flag!

It helps when a book is lousy if it’s at least a 24 hour comic, as you can always ignore the mound of excellent 24 comics and blame its crappiness on the time frame. This is story of Captain Ameri…um, I mean Fighting Flag, telling his tale from his wheelchair in a retirement home to a very credulous helper. Turns out a giant figure from the heavens gave Fighting Flag the power to fight the Nazi’s, but he had to always use his powers for good. After the war this the hero slipped up on this oath a bit and had his powers taken away, until one fateful day in the retirement home… OK, so this doesn’t look that great (24 hour comics rarely do) and the story is dopey as hell, fine. This was made in 2000 when David was 20ish, so it’s not like this should be taken as a representation of his talents. He also does something called Straw Man, there’s a preview in the back of this and it looks like it could be funny. This one, however, unless you think that cover is for you, is easily skipped. You can buy his stuff on the website listed above, possibly the barest website I’ve seen, as that’s literally all you can do: buy his stuff. Or e-mail him with any questions, as I didn’t even see the e-mail listed on his website. $1