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Madson, Justin – The Waiting Sun


The Waiting Sun

OK, he wasn’t published by one of the “big” companies, but he finally put out a self-contained giant book. This one is a hefty 135 pages and doesn’t seem to have any binding problems, which is nice. It’s all about a couple, Matt and Jess, and their lives together and apart. Matt goes off to college and leaves Jess behind, but decides eventually that he needs to try and get her back. The rest of the issue is about how things are never quite what you’d expect, certain changes can’t be predicted and friendship is a damned important thing. Solid work all around, and it was nice to be able to read one of his books without being confused as to what had gone on before. There’s also a constant underlying problem with the sun, as it’s trapped in a state of eternal sunset, and it does play a role in the story eventually. I’m currently a sucker for all romance stories, so maybe I’m biased, and there probably was some hokey dialogue here and there if you’re as cynical as most people. Most of it rang true to me, and that’s all I can base these little rambles on. How he has time to keep his comic going on a regular basis and put out something like this is beyond me, but I think the comic world is a better place for it. Contact info is up there, but here’s an address if the website is down or something: 708 Birch Street Baraboo, WI 53913.