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Parkhill, Tod – The Young Americans #1


The Young Americans #1

Ever wonder what would happen if eight people with super powers were forced to live together in the same house for six months? Yeah, me neither, but it’s not a bad concept. All eight people were just regular young people, but after winning a contest they’re all given super powers, some of which are yet to be determined. This is the first issue of six, meaning that this one is mostly here to set up the characters. There’s still a bit of hijinx, don’t get me wrong. I’m not completely positive what tone this is going to take, which I guess is why there are five more issues of this. It’s a lot of fun though, and the interaction between radically different types of people is fascinating. There’s also a lot of mystery yet here, as the eighth member of their group came in at the very end and there are plenty of powers yet to be uncovered. It’s $2 and well worth a look, contact info is up there. Seriously!