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Davis, Eleanor – Three Bad Ones


Three Bad Ones

There’s no way to accurately show it through my scanner, but this is one of Eleanor’s fantastic “comic you can buy in a gumball machiine” minis, kept in its own little plastic bubble. It’s been literally rolling around the floor in my apartment since the last FLUKE I attended and I stumbled across it today. It’s a little fable about three men (pictured above) who decide that they’re tired of doing chores and go out looking for a wife. They have a hard time finding someone they can all agree on (which is a little creepy in its own right, but fits right in with the fable theme), until they finally find the perfect woman. Charming and wonderful as always, if I had a million dollars there would be real gumball machines with these little gems in them all over the country. Anyway, plenty of minis to choose from if you click on that website, and I haven’t seen much from her that I haven’t liked…