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Dangle, Lloyd – Second Hand and Previously Used Troubletown


Second Hand and Previously Used Troubletown

Here’s another one from the list of people who should have been up here from the beginning. For the span of about six months my local weekly paper had this strip, so I’m pretty far from an expert about it, but I like what I’ve seen a lot. It’s hard to read political strips from anywhere before 9/11 and not have them seem kind of silly, at least to me, but there are some quality strips in this one. Political incorrectness, apathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, Bill Clinton, angry senators… This is another guy who has a great website, so you can pretty much figure out for yourself if this is your thing or not. There’s a small mountain of his work to get through if you’re interested and just discovering it, so I’m kind of jealous. Here’s a couple of easy samples so you can get some idea, past that just check out his page.