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Hawkins, Matthew – Unlucky #3


Unlucky #3 Now Available! $2

I’m going to assume that these things are just called “preview minis” and leave it at that. Maybe there’ll be a graphic novel of all these at some point and the name will make more sense, or maybe he’s coined a new term for mini comics, but who cares when the stories are this entertaining? Two more new stories in this one. The first, possibly the best of the entire series so far (and drawn by Matthew Bernier), deals with a young vegetarian woman who inhales most of a chicken after not eating meat for 6 years. To say there were disastrous results would be a bit of an understatement, but you have to add to the mix the fact that Matthew had a serious unrequited crush on the girl… and then she spent the better part of an evening puking and pooping in his bathroom. The next story, dealing with a random dead guy in New York (and drawn by Toby Craig), is surprisingly bland, given the subject matter. It’s mostly just Matthew and his friends driving around, trying to avoid dealing with the guy until they eventually have to call 911. Not a bad story, it’s just that the previous two issues and the first story here set the bar pretty high. Also, you may notice that there are new covers for issues 1 and 2. I think they’re a vast improvement on the old covers, but I’m keeping them both up here so you can decide for yourselves and to show off how awesome and “old school” I am for getting them way back when they had the old covers. $2

Hawkins, Matthew – Unlucky #1


Unlucky #1 Now Available! $1.50

If you’re anything like me, you probably never imagined that a school principal dressing up in a gorilla suit could ever have anything but a hilarious ending. Well, not so much, at least not according to the second story in this mini of true stories from Matthew, Katie Skelly (for the gorilla story) and Joe Simko. It’s especially horrifying because few artists out there have a more consistently adorable style, and the ending of this one is anything but adorable. There’s also a story about young Matthew trying to relate to his Father as a kid, asking any question in the world in the hopes of sparking a meaningful conversation. Good stuff all around, and this is called a “preview mini” because there are plenty more true stories to come, which sounds like a good thing to me after reading these first two. $1.50

Hawkins, Matthew – Unlucky #2


Unlucky #2 Now Available! $1.50

Another preview mini? That’s all well and good, but where’s the great big graphic novel full of these stories? When that’s my main complaint for an issue, you know I probably liked it a whole lot. There are two stories in here. The first (drawn by K. Thor Jensen) is about a sexual adventure Matt had in college that led to an infected nipple. It’s a long way to go for a punchline, but it is quite a punchline. And there’s gratuitous sex, so it’s hard to complain about that. The second story (drawn by MK Reed) deals with an awkward conversation waiting in line to order food. It’s all over a penny, but kudos to Matthew for standing up to an asshole. With this collection of talent combined with the ability to tell a fantastic story, I’m really excited to see a larger collection of these stories, so get to work! Or just keep these previews coming if you must, but I want a big pile o’ stories…