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Warrenfeltz, Jacob – Villains Galore #1



Villains Galore #1

One thing I’m having trouble nailing down lately is perspective in reviewing these things. This comic, for example, is just fine by itself, with some really imaginative writing, solid artwork and more intriguing bits of character development than I’ve seen in one book of this type in ages. On the other hand, the intro makes it clear that this book took 6 years to finish, it’s listed as being printed in Spring of 2012, and there still doesn’t seem to be a second issue out a full year later (somebody please correct me if I’m wrong!). This has all the potential in the world to be a really fascinating series focusing on the happenings of villains in their daily lives, along with the ones who have retired for real and the ones who are looking to get back in the game. But if this ends up being a two or three issue series? I’d have to consider that a failure, or at least as something that didn’t live up to its potential. Better to try and fail then never try at all, right? But hey, we only exist in this moment if you’re feeling all philosophical, so all I have to go on is this single book. We start off with the guy on the cover (Snowball) hypnotizing a guy into stealing some money for him, and from there we go to another character on a motorcycle contemplating his life as a villain. He proceeds to make a fool out of a hero (?) who tries to take him down, and we see another villain (with a hilariously inept method of robbery) try to mug a couple walking down an alley. The rest of the issue is mostly spent in a bar with these characters having conversations with each other, and it’s a decent introduction to all of these characters. It could be better because most of them aren’t given names when they’re introduced and we’re left to figure out their connections to each other on our own, but maybe it’s not the best idea to lay all that stuff out in a first issue anyway. Still, future issues should come with either recaps or character guides, assuming there are future issues, and I’ve already been all over that. This is very much worth a look if you’ve ever been annoyed by the lack of focus on villains in various comics, or if you just like seeing people down on their luck. And wearing costumes. $3