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Coon, Jim – Zombie Preschool


Zombie Preschool

Ok sure, zombie stories have been done to death, much in the same way that monkey stories have been. But have you ever seen a story about zombie preschoolers? If so, I guess this is redundant, but it’s all new to me. Not a whole lot of plot here, but this is a fun little story about an average day of zombie preschool, one in which a new kid has the misfortune of wandering into this place. We never see the teacher, so we don’t know if he/she is also a zombie, but it doesn’t make much difference. This is a real shortie, and as such there’s not even much of a chance for mayhem. A solid mini overall, but nothing that really jumps out and grabs you either. If you’re a big fan of all things zombie, I’d say pick this up. Otherwise go with Jim’s other work first and work your way down… $1